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April is National County Government Month

April is National County Government Month, a time to celebrate the vital role of local governments. The Nebraska Association of County Officials encourages counties to engage with constituents and raise awareness about county government functions.

NACO's 'How Nebraska Counties Work' webpage is a valuable resource for officials and the public, offering insights into county government operations. We urge county officials to explore and share this resource with their communities. 

NACO also invites counties to showcase how they are celebrating County Government Month this April. Whether it's organizing community events, working with schools, or launching social media campaigns, every effort counts in raising awareness and appreciation for the important work of county government. Share your stories and photos with Riley at for a chance to be highlighted by NACO.

Explore additional resources provided by the National Association of Counties to enhance your National County Government Month celebrations.

How Nebraska Counties Work Webpage

National Association of Counties Toolkit

Counties 101 Tools by NACo