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County Attorney

  • Prosecute felony and misdemeanor cases
  • Represent county interest in civil matters
  • Act as county coroner in cooperation with law enforcement

Nebraska County Attorneys Association

Year Organized


Mission Statement

Improvement of the administration of justice through the prosecutorial system by fostering and maintaining high standards of conduct and ethical practice and integrity; maintain the maximum degree of confidence of the citizens of this state in the office of the county  attorney; provide a vehicle from which the members of the association can best continue their legal education to assist one another in all of the various duties and responsibilities of their office; educate and inform the citizens of this state about their duties and obligations; to commit themselves to assist the county attorney in promoting and ensuring that our judicial system is responsive and effective.

Annual Meetings

May and October

Executive Officers

President Paul Schaub Cheyenne County
President-Elect Melodie Bellamy Kearney County
Treasurer / Secretary Wendy Elston Seward County
Executive Director Sara Kay Nebraska County Attorneys Association

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