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Clerks, Register of Deeds, Election Commissioners

County Clerks, Register of Deeds and Election Commissioners

County Clerk

  • Record all proceedings of the board and attend meetings
  • Maintain financial records
  • Oversee accounts payable for the county
  • ¬†Process payroll for county employees
  • ¬†Issue marriage licenses

Election Commissioner

  • Manage voter registration and maintain voter rolls
  • Administer elections, and ensure legal compliance
  • Train poll workers and conduct voter education
  • Handle early voting arrangements

Register of Deeds

  • Record and manage property documents like deeds and mortgages
  • Process land records, titles, and liens
  • Offer public access to records and assist with property inquiries
  • Coordinate with county offices on land-related issues

Year Organized


Mission Statement

The object of this association shall be the mutual improvement of its members, better qualifying them to properly discharge their duties as officers of public trust, and to promote general welfare of county officers and the taxpayers of the state and to suggest remedial legislation as will be of benefit to the taxpayers of the various counties of the state.

Annual Meetings

June and NACO Conference

Executive Officers

President Sarah J. Freidel Burt County
Vice President Mary Eickhoff Richardson County
Secretary Carrie Miller Nuckolls County
Treasurer Kelly Sides Scotts Bluff County
Past President Brittny Longcor Cherry County
NACO Representative Amy Nelson Fillmore County

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