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Clerks of the District Court

The NACO Board representative for Nebraska County Clerks of the District Court is York County Clerk of the District Court, Sharilyn Steube.

Sharilyn began her first term on the Board in 2019.

Sharilyn has worked for York County for 35 years. She started working for the York County Clerk's office after graduating high school and spent 5 years there. She then moved to Annapolis, MD, where she worked as the administrative assistant for an insurance company in their Washington DC office. After moving back to Nebraska, she started working for the York County District Court in 1992. She became the Deputy Clerk of the District Court in 1995 and took office as the Clerk of District Court in 2011.

Sharilyn and her husband, Mike, married in 2012. She has 5 children, Don, Nicole, Tom, Shaughnessy and deChelly; 2 step-children, Michael and Tara; 7 grandchildren and 4 step-grandchildren.