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MASA Medical Transport Solutions

MASA plans shield members from extremely high charges due to commonly denied ambulance claims. Estimates from the US Department of Labor say that at least 14% of all submitted medical claims are rejected each year. That’s 1 out of 7 claims, which amounts to over 200 million claims per year. Considering 1 out of 10 people will make an emergency call every year, the threat of excessive emergency bills is very real.

Some of the highlights of the NACO Benefit Services endorsed MASA program are:

  • The plan can be offered as employer-paid or voluntary
  • The NACO-sponsored plan can be started at any time and is offered at a discount rate, which will cover a single person or a family
  • Once MASA receives a claim, MASA will handle the bill processing and work directly with the provider.  There is nothing for the member to do once it’s submitted to MASA.
  • The plan also provides transportation back to your home if you are hospitalized outside your local area