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US Bank

U.S. Bank One Card Program

Increase efficiency and control with an integrated payment solution

More than ever, organizations are focusing on minimizing costs and maximizing performance. U.S. Bank is uniquely positioned to empower the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO) to effectively manage their payment solutions with unmatched efficiency and control.

The U.S. Bank One Card Program for NACO combines purchasing, travel and fleet card programs into a single streamlined payment solution. The one card integrates transactions into one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice. Plus, it provides NACO members access to innovative tools that make vendor payments easier and safer, with the control and oversight counties need.

Save time, money and resources with more efficient payment processes

U.S. Bank helps NACO members drive out costs and do more with fewer resources including:

  • Automate payment and reconciliation processes
  • Simplify administrative tasks and cost savings
  • Reduce paperwork including requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks
  • Enhance cash management with cycle-based payments

Maintain control and program visibility

U.S. Bank payment solutions provide NACO with built-in levels of security. The one card is the right solution to:

  • Manage purchasing, travel and entertainment (T&E) and vehicle-related expenses with spending controls and point-of-sale restrictions
  • Centralize payment and liability
  • Monitor adherence with spending policies and negotiated volume thresholds
  • Integrate transaction data seamlessly with your financial systems
  • Tailor the program to meet the needs of your county

Leverage data with access tools

To effectively manage expenses, counties need tools that are comprehensive, yet easy to implement and use. The U.S. Bank NACO One Card Program gives you access to a full suite of access tools that allows you to analyze your organization’s information and turn it into valuable data.

For more information:

Kaylissa Voie

Commercial Card Relationship Manager